About Let’s Escape

Our History

Let’s Escape has had Escape Rooms at the highest level since 2015. Entertainment is central to these rooms. Let’s Escape is for the real Escape nerds , but also for the occasional escaper and certainly also for the corporate and bachelor party escaper. Let’s Escape is actually for everyone who is looking for an evening of fun.
Tens of thousands of people have already visited our self-designed rooms in Enschede , Haarlem and Eindhoven . From Around the World in 80 Days, to The Pyramid of Pharao Amasis and from The Saloon to the Top 2000 Escape Room. Everywhere our guests came out with a smile.
Of course not everyone managed to escape, but they always had a great adventure.


Let’s Escape is an innovative provider of Escape Rooms. Instead of copying and pasting success stories, we prefer to write our own stories. You notice that when you enter. Our rooms are different than usual. Time is your biggest enemy in the Escape Room, but in Let’s Escape there are also other, less visible enemies.

  • How many kilometers do you cover?
  • Which floor do we end up on?
  • How many singles can I sell?
  • How many cities can I visit?

There is always more to it than you would suspect or imagine at first glance.

We also offer outdoor Escape Rooms . These are not just puzzles that you are sent along, they are great adventures where you are sucked into a completely new world based on GPS and Augmented Reality. Super exciting!