Escape Room XL

Kraken jullie de kluis van Holland Casino Enschede?

Playing an Escape Room with 40-100 players? Ofcourse!

Exclusively in Enschede. In the largest Escape Room in the Netherlands. A fun and exciting challenge, where money and knowledge go hand in hand.

During Escape Roulette, you are introduced to the exceptional world of the casino full of excitement.

Escape Roulette is an exciting game that takes place in an Escape Room – the latest craze. It is an exciting game during which you have to be on the ball for 90 minutes. You are locked in a room with your team and have to solve casino puzzles, riddles and mysteries and try to beat the house in order to escape and go home with the winnings. You can trust no one but you do have to rely on everyone… It is all about misleading the others without being misled and luck and knowledge go hand in hand.

Escape Rooms are usually only suitable for small groups of up to eight people. But Holland Casino Enschede and Let’s Escape, one of the leading Escape Room creators in the Netherlands, have joined forces. The result is that groups from 40 people can play Escape Roulette.

Price from €22,50 per person.