Let’s Escape Enschede has 5 beautiful Escape Rooms. Together with our “big sister” Bar & Diner CP we are situated at one of the cosiest squares in the Netherlands. That’s makes Let’s Escape Enschede ideal for a combination with a lunch, dinner or just a round of drinks.

At Let’s Escape, we develop all Escape Rooms and puzzles ourselves, so you won’t find a similar room anywhere else. Because we have 5 Escape Rooms, we can accommodate small groups (2 people) and larger groups (up to 90 people).

If you want to experience the same adventure at the same time with a group larger than 40 people, we can ofcourse accommodate you in our Escape Roulette in Holland Casino Enschede.

An Escape Room is a space where we can lock up 2 to 7 players. It’s up to the players to escape the Escape Room by working together and solving a number of creative puzzles.

The players have 60 minutes to try to Escape the Room..

An Escape Room with up to 3 persons costs €97,-
An Escape Room with 4 to 6 persons costs €105,-
An Escape Room with 7 persons costs €120,-

You can pay while making a reservation on our website by iDEAL or Paypal.

Do you prefer to pay on location? That’s okay! You can pay the Escape Rooms at Eetcafé Bij Flip with cash, or by card.

The Escape Rooms in Eschede are situated above Eetcafé Bij Flip. Eetcafé Bij Flip is situated right on the edge of the “Oude Markt” square in Enschede. Our address is Langestraat 58-60, 7511 HC, Enschede. That’s right in a pedestrian zone of Enschede. Because of that, we don’t have any parking. Closest parking garage is the “H.J. van Heekgarage“. That’s about a 5-10 minute walk away from Eetcafé Bij Flip.

Arriving with public transport?
It’s about a 5-10 minute walk from Enschede Central.

Anyone is welcome to play our Escape Rooms. Our Escape Rooms don’t form a physical challenge. There’s no climbing, and nothing requires a great deal of force. Our Escape Rooms are situated on the 1st and 2nd floor (Above the ground floor). Unfortunately, they are only accessible by stairs.

No, generally, there are no issues for children to play. We would like you to contact us by first by phone though.

Up to now, claustrophobic people always had loads of fun in our Escape Rooms. Spaces are big and open, and it’s always possible to leave the rooms in case of emergency.

Sure! Actually that’s our specialty. At our location in the center of Enschede we have 5 Escape Rooms. Every Escape Rooms is suitable for up to 6 people, so we can accomodate 30 people at the same time. If the group’s any larger, we can let everybody play in multiple time slots.

In order to be able to provide you with the best possible service, we would prefer you making a reservation by phone. (+31 53 4 789 089)

A couple of drinks is no problem. However, it is not allowed to play the Escape Rooms while clearly under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. The staff and management of Let’s Escape and the staff and management of Eetcafé Bij Flip are always allowed to refuse guests from playing an Escape Room if they presume the guests are not capable of playing the Escape Room. The guest is obliged to pay for the booked Escape Rooms. We will, however, provide coupons, for playing the Escape Room at another time. This is only possible on Sunday until Wednesday.

After Escaping, or being freed by our staff, there’s always place at our Eetcafé Bij Flip for a couple of drinks to analyze your adventure thorougly. We would like to offer you a small selection of snacks!

Sure! Best way is to give us a call, so we can make you a custom offer. (+31 53 4 789 089)

Yes, Our Ecape Rooms in Eschede are on the 1st and 2nd floor of Eetcafé Bij Flip . You can find information about our package deals here.

For booking them, you can add them to your shopping cart on our website. We’ll contact you for the details then. Or you can just give us an call.

Other wishes than on our website? Almost everything is possible! Just give us a call! (+31 53 4 789 089)

The entire group is expected to be present 30 minutes before the Escape Rooms starts.
If the group is present less than 15 minutes before the rooms starts, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation. Escape Rooms operate on a real tight schedule.

By making a reservation, you oblige yourself paying for the reservation, also when the reservation is cancelled on account of late arrival. However, we provide a coupon for booking the missed Escape Rooms at another time. This is only possible on Sunday until Wednesday.

Ofcourse, if the timeslot after your missed reservation is still available, it’s always possible to play. No problem!

Reservations made on Sunday up to and including Wednesday can be canceled free of charge up to 2 days prior to the reservation.
Reservations made on Thursday through Saturday can be canceled free of charge up to 7 days prior to the reservation.

If you cancel a reservation within the above period, we will charge the costs of the Escape Room. You will then receive a voucher to come and play the Escape Room (s). With this voucher you can make a reservation on a Sunday up to and including a Wednesday.