Outdoor Escape Game at your own location

Outdoor Escape Game on location


Want to play in your own town or village?

Would you Operation Mindfall  or The Magic Portal  play, but would you like to do it in your own city?

Which can!

Of course it is not feasible for us to completely disable these games in a city, village or municipality for a small group. Making a route requires work and care.

However, this can be arranged for groups from 40 people. Not even a problem! That can be for company outings, a family party, or just for enthusiastic escapers who are together with more than 40 people  and would like to compete against each other.

To get more information about this, please call 053 – 4789 089 . Our colleagues will be happy to talk to you and will discuss with you whether and where we can map out a nice route for you.

See you soon at Let’s Escape

From 40 people

Price on request

Location of your choice