Greatest Hits

Important: If you have already played the Top 2000 room with us, we advise against booking this room.

Greatest Hits

In this room, a musical challenge awaits you.
Do you ever sing along in the shower?
Do you ever dance?
Do you ever attend a concert?
Then this is the perfect Escape Room for you and your friends!
You and your friends have released a single and the goal is to have your record reach the highest possible position in the charts! Sell your single as much as possible and who knows, you might end up with a platinum record.

Forget about Queen, Miley Cyrus, Guus Meeuwis, Metallica, Suzan & Freek, Bruce Springsteen, and Taylor Swift! You are the new stars on the scene and you will rock this room like crazy!

You will score a monster hit within 60 minutes!

This Top 2000 room is the ultimate musical Escape Room. Your collective musical memory combined with your excellent puzzle-solving skills will ensure that you crack this room within 50 minutes.

What qualities do you need?

Of course, you have to be a fan of the Top 2000. But it doesn’t hurt if you are a little familiar with the lyrics or have a well-stocked record collection at home, or if you are proud of your collection of concert tickets, or if you are simply a music lover. This room is suitable for everyone, whether you are a fan of Queen, Kate Bush, De Dijk, Metallica, Taylor Swift, Michael Jackson, Van Halen, André Hazes or Whitney Houston… You can do this!
The room can be booked at two levels: music lover (challenging) and music expert (more challenging)!
Musical knowledge is a plus, but not a requirement.

Just like the Enschede Airport Escape Room, we have two identical Escape Rooms. So, it is possible to compete against another team. Thanks to the unique link between the rooms, you are constantly informed about the progress of the other team! Of course, it is also possible to play the room without opponents!
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