Greatest Hits


Greatest Hits Escape Room

In this room, you’ll encounter a musical challenge.
Do you ever sing along in the shower?
Do you bust a move from time to time?
Do you attend concerts?
Then this is the perfect Escape Room for you and your friends!

Your mission in the Ziggo Dome dressing room

You find yourselves in the dressing room of the Ziggo Dome, and you have to be on stage in an hour. However, you haven’t sold a single ticket yet. Time is running out!
The greats of the music world have come before you and all have spent time in this dressing room. Each one left behind a puzzle for you to solve. From Tina Turner to P!nk and from Prince to Britney Spears.

The New Kids in Town

Forget about Queen, Miley Cyrus, Bob Marley, Ed Sheeran, Metallica, Lady Gaga, Bruce Springsteen, and Taylor Swift! You are the New Kids in Town, and you’re going to rock this room! Can you sell out the Ziggo Dome in 60 minutes?

A challenge for everyone

What qualities do you need?
Well, it wouldn’t hurt to have some lyrics memorized or have a well-stocked record collection at home, or simply be a music enthusiast. Young or old… or even better, young and old! Whether you’re a fan of Guns n’ Roses or the Spice Girls, it doesn’t matter. This room is challenging for everyone! Music knowledge is a plus but not a requirement.

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