The inheritance

The Legacy (online)


The inheritance

After years of search, notary office BZ Knock finally got results. The Freule Van Hier tot Ginther already passed away in 1998 and she left behind a million-dollar legacy. After the death of her husband, De Baron Van Hier tot Ginther, De Freule lived a withdrawn and frugal existence, together with her house robot Gregg.

Now, almost a quarter of a century later, you appear to be the first heir of the Freule. The only thing that separates you from a life free of worries is that you have to report to the notary office BZ Kloppen to receive the inheritance.

However, there is one but….
De Freule only wanted the inheritance to be distributed after the heir(s) had passed a test of aptitude for it. It is up to you, together with your smartest friends, to pass this test with flying colors, so that you can receive the inheritance from the notary and can start a carefree life.

The key to this precious legacy is Gregg. Gregg, however, is due for a major overhaul after almost a quarter of a century. When you manage to get it tip-top again, the legacy is yours. Because only Gregg can bring you a rich life.

We wish you every success!

An online Escape Room, what is that?

An online Escape Room, what is that?
Due to the measures surrounding the new coronavirus, our traditional Escape Rooms are closed. In order to be of service to you, we have realized a virtual Escape experience. All participants can therefore play the Escape Room from their own home.

How does it work?
Instead of entering the Escape Room yourself, one of our employees will virtually take you into the Escape Room. You see what our employee sees and hear what our employee hears. Then you instruct our employee to play the Escape Room. We also use special Escape Room software so that you can explore our Escape Room in 3D and in detail.

What do the participants need?
‘Sounds difficult’ I hear you think. That’s better than expected. All the participants in the Escape Room need is a computer (with an internet connection) on which they can participate in a zoom conversation. A microphone and earphones are required, a camera is an advantage. With the microphone and earphones, the participants can consult and direct our employee. With the camera they can see each other.

I made a reservation, now what?
We will send you an invitation email well before the start of the Escape Room. You can forward this email to the participants. This email contains a link where participants can log in 15 minutes before the start. As soon as everyone is complete, our employee will give a short explanation about the Escape Room software (actually self-explanatory) and then the game can start!


Number of persons

Difficulty Level

60 minutes